Friday, April 23, 2010

*** jiwang..jiwang..jiwang...***

> The Only Thing That's Right;
> My First Love,
> You're Every Breath That I Take;
> You're Every Step I Make.
> And I..
> I Want To Share, All My Love With You;
> No One Else Will Do, You Know,
> And Your Eyes,
> They Tell Me How Much You Care, Oh Yes;
> You Will Always Be,
> My Endless Love.
> Two Hearts, Two Hearts That Beat As One,
> Our Lives Have Just Begun;
> And Forever,
> I'll Hold You Close In My Arms;
> I Can't Resist Your Charms.
> And I..
> I'll Be A Fool, For You;
> I'm Sure, You Know I Don't Mind;
> Oh You Know I Don't Mind,
> Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby,
> You Mean The World To Me;
> I Know, I Found In You,
> My Endless Love.
> Yeah, Yeah, Yeah,
> Do, Do. Do, Do, Do, Do,
> Wo Wo,
> In Love,
> I'll Be That Fool For You;
> I'm Sure, That You Know I Don't Mind;
> Oh Yeah, Yeah, Yes,
> You'll Be The Only One;
> Cause No, No One Can Deny,
> This Love I Have Inside;
> And I'll Give It All To You,
> My Love, My Love, My Love,
> My Endless Love.
> My Love.

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